Senior concept artist/illustrator

职位编号: 38639

职位类别: 游戏美术类

工作性质: 全职

工作地点: 广州市 

所属部门: 艺术设计中心

招聘人数:  1


1. Cooperate with the product and Art Manager and the director to develop the illustrations and beauty publicity of Diablo: immortality, and be responsible for the design of product publicity resources, focusing on planar design;
2. Participate in the task of specific role beauty publicity and illustration, review the design draft submitted by outsourcing, and guide the outsourcing production;
3. Accumulate and share role design experience, compile courseware and train new people to share design experience.


1. Graduated from art related majors, with solid art skills;
2. More than 5 years of design experience in meixuan illustration, especially with leading team design experience;
3. Have strong comprehensive analysis ability and innovation ability, accurately understand the work needs and complete them efficiently;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, high degree of work input, and cooperate with the team to complete the objectives;
5. Be familiar with the software required by the post, have strong learning ability, and actively study or learn new technologies to apply to work;
6. Love the game, pay attention to the game experience, and improve the game experience in combination with post work and products.